Tips for Starting Your Wedding Photography Business

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Kristen runs a very successful portrait and wedding studio and attributes most of her success to creating a consistent marketing plan, keeping in touch with clients, making her shoots fun and working with mirrorless cameras and natural light .

Topics covered will be Creating Your Wedding Business, setting up a business name, creating a workflow to get and obtain clients and getting a database that is chalked filled. Marketing Wedding Business with the perfect seamless branding that will trademark your style. Meeting Potential Brides and the art of closing a deal. Gearing Up and how to be your best on the wedding day with your client and what shots to take, discussion on what gear to shoot with and how. Kristen also covers the Wedding Client Follow-Up and the ability to generate more clients from just one wedding.

Easy DIY Wedding Tips

Until April 28th, 2013 (a year after my wedding), I’m still a blushing newlywed. That’s why’s “Daily Dish” invited me to savor my wedding planning days and guest chat about simple ways to DIY…even for the not-so-savvy.

Wedding Dress: Movement tips for Brides

Wedding Dress: Movement tips for Brides


Expert wedding day tips from Ritva Westenius’s Chenka Williams, a former prima ballerina. She shares her tips and tricks on how to feel comfortable and move gracefully in your wedding dress or wedding gown. How to walk with a bridal train and how to turn in your wedding dress. Chenka also gives tips on how to be photographed in your bridal gown and to look your best. Brought to you by Brides Magazine and Atlantic Multimedia Ltd.

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Tips for Posing a Couple on a Wedding Day

In this installment of Shooting Star, Jasmine shows a few tips on how to pose a couple on a wedding day. Incorporating behind-the-scenes footage from a recent wedding, Jasmine shows how she interacts with a couple to get the results she wants.

MY ROMANTIC WEDDING: Pics, Tips, & Planning

Finally! This is the first video in my wedding series leading up to the WEDDING HIGHLIGHTS video!

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OUR WEDDING + TIPS! | Amenakin

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How to Shoot Beautiful Wedding Films : Indy News

Wedding films are a big part of Griffin’s freelance videography business, so today he shares his tips—how to book clients, setting up cameras and microphones, and editing emotional short films.


Kate & Nick’s Wedding (Short Film):

Tori & Jay’s Wedding (Short Film):

Amanda & Dan’s Wedding (Short Film):

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Tips for planning a wedding – Wedding planning ideas

Tips for planning a wedding – Wedding planning ideas

Planning the wedding you’ve always dreamed of is no easy task. There are so many details to consider, so many choices to make. Wedding and event planner Marcy Blum offers advice for every couple as they begin to plan their dream wedding.

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Tips on Wedding Photography Episode 1

I have gotten allot of people asking for “tips” on shooting weddings. I have put together a 3 week series talking in detail about what a wedding day looks like for me. In this episode I talk about what camera and lens I bring and when I use them:)
I hope this helps!!!

10 Tips For Successfully Photographing an Indian Wedding

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Indian weddings are a fast-growing segment of the overall wedding market across the nation. With multiple days of celebrations and rituals, it’s an experience unlike any other. Successfully documenting the festivities through your lens takes unique preparation, and a well-rounded understanding of the culture as well. Learn 10 helpful tips on how to successfully capture an Indian/fusion celebration. The presentation will cover the following topics:

– Understanding Rituals & Celebrations
– Managing Client (and Family!) Expectations
– Getting the Shots You Want
– Blending East & West
– Understanding Timelines
– Preparing for Long Days
– Working with Multiple Photographers
– Effective Lighting Techniques
– Handling with Massive Post-Production