5 Wedding Planning Tips

Hello there! I guess this is the start of my wedding series. Are you planning your own wedding or helping out a friend? Check out these 5 tips I have for you…

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Pre-Wedding Weight Loss Guide For Brides-To-Be | Nutrition Tips With Suman Agarwal

Are you a bride who is trying to shed a few pounds before the D-Day? Our Beauty Editor, Monica Shah, met with Celebrity Nutritionist Suman Agarwal to find out the secrets to losing weight. What we found out was that brides should stay away from crash diets, diet pills etc. These types of diets will affect the way your skin and hair will look, and once you get off the diet you are going to put on the weight back. Instead, plan your weight-loss journey well in advance. If you want to lose 10 Kgs start your diet 5 months in advance. Stay away from alcohol and processed sugars. Suman says to keep your skin looking healthy and glowing, make sure you are hydrated and get enough sleep. The miracle juice is great for you during this stressful time, the ingredients for this juice are:

1 Apple

1 Tomato

1 Carrot

1 Amla

1 Boiled Beetroot

1 Cup Pomogranate

Juice all of these and have them first thing in the morning. Make this juice fresh everyday, and see the effect it has on your skin and overall health. Suman herself has this juice, and swears by it. If you would like to get in touch with Suman you can visit: http://www.selfcareindia.com. Leave any queries you have in the comments down below, we love to hear from you!

Wedding Video Tips

Wedding videos capture the memory of your special day.

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Wedding Photography – Preparing For Your First Time


I love photographing weddings! They are a lot of fun and there are always a lot of great images created during the day. In this video I go over a number of questions from a Cazillion and go over my methods, tips and techniques for shooting weddings.

Wedding Dress – Tips and Advice Film

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Catherine Whitby has years of experience making sure her customers find the perfect dress for their special day. We visit her at Captivating Brides where she takes time to offer some valuable wedding dress tips and advice on what to look for when searching for your wedding dress. From different styles, accessories and costs, Catherine takes us through all you need to know about Bridal Gowns.

Wedding Planning Tips : Planning a Wedding Reception

Planning a wedding reception involves details such as the flowers, lighting and entertainment. Plan a wedding reception with tips from two event coordinators in this free video on wedding planning.

Expert: Vivian Miller & Kathie Millen
Contact: www.austinweddingplanners.com
Bio: Vivian Miller and Kathie Millen are the owners of Austin Wedding Planners, one of the premiere wedding coordination companies in Austin, Texas.
Filmmaker: Drew Noah

5 Tips on How to Dress for Your Wedding | A Groom’s Guide to Wedding Dress Code

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So your wedding is coming up.

It’s important to let your bride-to-be bask in the limelight but don’t forget what is equally important to her.

Being a well dressed groom during your special day.

Let’s face the facts.

Men have a hard time picking out the perfect outfit for his wedding.

Ensuring that the best version of yourself is visible is no easy task when everyone in your family is trying to have a say.

As difficult as it may seem it is critical you get it right as days like these pretty much come once in a lifetime.

The good news is that most things are possible with some effort.

I am here to present you with 5 tips on how to dress for your wedding day. This list may not be the most in-depth but it doesn’t have to be. The core elements are here to ensure you are setup for success and make your future bride one happy lady.

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Wedding Photography Tips: Storytelling with Joe Buissink

Shop at B&H: http://bandh.com
Joe Buissink Photography: http://www.joebuissink.com/
In this special on Wedding Tips, famed wedding photographer Joe Buissink visited the B&H studio to discuss the importance of storytelling and artistry within your work.